今日は、イギリスでのパートナービザ(Unmarried Partner Visa)申請で、私が実際に提出したカバーレターの内容を公開したいと思います。








  1. How we met
  2. How our relationship evolves
  3. How we communicate
  4. Things we enjoy together
  5. How we met the financial requirement











Email address


Sunday, XX XXX 2020

UK Visas and Immigration

Home Office


To whom it may concern,

I am XX and I have been in a relationship with my English partner XX for 2 years and 10 months. I have been living with him for 2 years and a month (8 months in Japan and the rest in England). I am applying for an unmarried partner visa to be with him here in the UK.

How we met

We first contacted each other XX 2017. We met up in front of a bookshop called Kinokuniya in Shinjuku. We had dinner at a restaurant, went to a British pub and went to a park. We were hanging around together from 1:00 to 9:00 PM day, which was quite a long time to be together for the first time as we both did not want to go home yet.

How our relationship evolves

After the first meet up, he asked me out again to go to a Japanese chicken barbeque restaurant in Ikebukuro for the following weekend XX 2017. We enjoyed our meal and conversation. He took me to the nearest park and told me that he wants to see me as soon as possible. We arranged to meet up in the evening of XX 2017 after work for a film Moana in Shinjuku. After the film he confessed his feeling towards me and asked me to be his girlfriend. It might have been too soon to ask me to be a girlfriend but I said yes as I liked him too and did not want to lose my chance to be with him. Since then we saw each other once two days as we could not tolerate to be apart for a long time. At that time I was living with my parents whilst he was living on his own, so I started staying over at his place often and going back to my parents’ house. Eventually I stayed in his place more than my parents’ house and I officially moved to his flat on XX 2018. We lived in a flat in Japan together from XX 2018 to XX 2018. We moved to England on XX 2018, stayed in XX’s flat in London until XX 2018, then moved to XX’s flat in XX and have been living here up to now. The flat I live in is XX’s property.

How we communicate

To communicate we use a Japanese app called Line. We use it quite often even though we live together. I always send him messages on Line at lunch time at work or when I am away to see my friends to make sure he is alright.

Things we enjoy together

Our favourite time is to watch Japanese/British TV programmes together to chill out. This is also a good way to improve each other languages since we both speak Japanese and English. We also like traveling together, we went to Korea in XX 2017, England in XX 2017, Hiroshima and Okayama (Japan) in XX 2018, Osaka in XX 2018, Malta 2019, Salcombe in XX 2019, Ireland in January 2020 and have just come back from holiday in Morocco in February 2020.

How we met the financial requirement

I am applying under CAT A salaried as I have been with my employer for a year and a month and the table below depicts my last 6 months’ earnings. Income varies due to unpaid leave I have taken for personal reasons.

Payslips dateGross Income
27/12/2019£XXXX.XX (Including bonus£XXX)
Total gross in period of 6 months£XXXXX.XX (Including bonus £XXX)

Based on the table above, my income meets the financial requirement. 

1) The lowest monthly income: XXXX.XX multiplied by 12= £XXXXX.XX

2) Bonus: XXX divided by 6 multiplied by 12= £XXX

Total (1+2) £XXXXX.XX

In addition to my income above, my partner works as a part-time teacher at university.

We love each other so much and I can never think how the life would be without him. We have been supporting each other, and have never been this happy before. We have accomodation to live and I have a stable job to get money from and now we would like to build our life here in the UK.

Yours faithfully,






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